Ellen Jean serves as an agent for the sale of clothing, footwear, and bags.

The commission agreement stipulates that Ellen Jean will retain 50% of the sale price of all items, with the balance to be paid at the end of the selling period.

Ellen Jean accepts both new and gently worn items that have been well cared for, particularly those from quality brands.

All items must be seasonally appropriate, clean throughout, free from stains, blemishes, or odours. Buttons and zips must be intact and fully functional, with collars and cuffs in excellent condition. Additionally, there should be no signs of pilling on woollen items. Footwear must be in excellent condition and thoroughly cleaned. Items that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted for sale and will be disposed of accordingly.

Prices for items will be set fairly and competitively, taking into account factors such as brand, condition, age, original cost, and overall marketability. Prices will be regularly reassessed and adjusted throughout the selling period to maximize sales at the most appropriate price point.

By entering into an agreement with Ellen Jean, you warrant that you are the sole owner of the items offered for sale. The authenticity of the items remains the responsibility of the owner. We do not accept stolen or counterfeit goods, and you may be required to provide proof of purchase or ownership.

Items will be advertised for sale for a period of ten weeks. Items that remain unsold after this period must be collected within two weeks. Failure to collect items within this timeframe  will result in their donation to charity due to storage limitations. In cases where these

terms cannot be met due to reasons such as illness or holidays, alternative arrangements can be made upon request.

All items left with Ellen Jean remain the property of the client and are left at the  client’s own risk. We do not accept  responsibility for items lost or stolen while in  our possession. Clients should be aware that  potential buyers will handle and may try on  the items. We do not accept liability for any  damage caused while the items are in our possession.

Ellen Jean reserves the right to refuse any item offered for sale.